Different techniques:

 There are various ways to have your portrait made. Most people choose a painted portrait in colours.  Others have a portrait painted in white only. In both cases I use acrylic paint on linen. Both the white and the coloured paintings are built up by very thin, overlaying coats of paint. The linen structure underneath will always remain visible. 

 You may prefer a drawing in black and white watercolour-pencil. In this case I can work from existing (good) photographs only and it will not be necessary to meet and make a series of photographs. A drawing is made on paper (size A4) without a frame and will be sent to your address by mail or courier.  

How do I work?

To create a really personal portrait, I need to get a good impression of the subject. There is no need to come and sit in my studio. Both people and animals tend to be more relaxed in their own surroundings. That is why I come to see you at your home and take a series of photographs. Based on those photos, I will then paint the portrait.

If you already have good photos, I may be able to use those. If for instance the painting is a gift or must be kept a secret, it might be necessary to work from photos. If the subject, person or animal, is deceased, that will have to be the case. This is often a possibility; it is important that these photos are sharp and large enough for both the eyes and the facial  expression to be clear. Feel free to write or talk to me about the special qualities and characteristics which would give add the subject’s unique value to the portrait.

I will always take your special wishes into consideration.

 My strengths are listening well and making an artistic translation of the image that comes in my mind during my visit or our on telephone- or emailcommunication.

 I will consult with you which photos are best suited to work from. Of course your opinion will be taken very seriously.  If the painting is to be a composition in which two or more people (or animals) will be together in one painting, I will send you various proposals so you can choose the composition you prefer.

The resemblance is always striking.

After deciding which proposal will be explored, you are requested to pay one third of the price as a down payment. Then I start painting and, depending on the size and the complexity of the painting, will need six to nine weeks to finish. When I think the painting is ready I will send you a picture by e-mail; you are invited to make all the remarks you wish. When the painting is completely finished and varnished, you are requested to pay the remaining sum and we will make arrangements for the delivery of your painting. A simple aluminium frame is included; but of course you can always choose a different frame if you prefer. Delivery in The Netherlands is free, deliveries abroad are at customer’s expense.


If you have any questions, please feel free to call me, or send me an e-mail. A list of current prices is sent on request. 



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