About Monique

I was educated at the Rotterdam Academie van Beeldende Kunsten, now the Willem de Kooning Academy. I graduated in 1986 in the Department of  Drawing, Painting and Design. In those days I already felt most like painting portraits. 
So it was a logical development, after a number of exhibitions in galleries and so on, to start painting commissioned portraits. Later, from 1994, I received many commissions for animal portraits, especially for dogs. Animal portraits got a life of their own, for after 1994 I started to expose on international dog shows all over Europe. Since 2018 (World Dog Show Amsterdam) I'm not going to the dog shows anymore. You can find me at art exhibitions and other fairs now.

This work is being appreciated by a broad public. My paintings are sold to customers in about twenty countries.

“My paintings are not only portraits, but also objects of art in themselves. 
In the detail the greater entity is captured. Painting in transparent, coloured layers, I give life and light to my subjects, in a mixture of exuberance and modesty.” 

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